5 reasons to start a podcast in Australia

There’s an unspoken satisfaction that comes with delving into an idea you love for a podcast. For some, this motivation is enough to create a career of it. For others, maybe it a desire to understand more about how it all works?

To enlighten you with some interesting fact on Australia’s podcasting industry, we’ve collated 5 things we thought you ought to know, to help you understand how big it’s all really becoming!

Over 3.5 Million Australian’s listened to podcasts

We’re not kidding! According to international research company IPSOS1, podcasting in Australia is the fastest growing on-demand audio medium. With the age of people listening spreading from 16 to 64 years old, an astonishing 41 million hours of podcast content is consumed by Australian ears each month2.

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Australian's are hungry for new ideas and stories

In a survey conducted by the ABC3, 29% of the participants who tune in to podcasts, listened to a new podcast in the last 7 days, indicating a hunger for listeners to find their next series to binge on! Could it be yours?

The amount of podcast listeners5 in Australia is growing, quickly!

The Podcast Intelligence Report in June 20184, stated that the scale of listeners is continuing to rise, with 20% of podcasters tuning in for the first time in the first half of 2018 alone! If you’re looking for a good podcast, check out some of the ones our mentors have produced!

It’s a great way to spread the word and sell stuff

A whopping 49%6 of podcast listeners in Australia are likely to tell their friends around them about somethings they heard on a podcast. In actual fact, if you have an innovative product or savvy service, these same podcast listeners on average spend more money on categories including retail, travel and entertainment!

An estimated 1 million+ Australians prefer to listen to Australian podcasts

Sure mate! We have a funny sounding accent but we also have some bloody interesting podcasts out there. Take for instance our very own I’LKI podcasting course teacher, Dan McHugh’s and his series ‘Maddie’. Within 5 weeks it was downloaded 1.7 million+ times (link)!

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