#1 Podcast Maker Dan McHugh To Teach New Podcasting Course

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Introducing ILKI:

ILKI today announces ILKI-CAST: "Design, Produce and Launch Your Own Podcast Series." 

Created by #1 podcaster Dan McHugh (known for Maddie, Mysterious Universe, Six Tackles With Gus), the ILKI-CAST course is available over six classes via real-time online lessons, or in person at Forbes Street Studios in Sydney.

ILKI-CAST covers many facets of podcasting: planning, presenting, recording, editing, publishing, and monetizing a series. Participants require no prior knowledge to take the course - apart from a keen interest in making a podcast!

Dave Ross and Anthony Garvin formed ILKI through a mutual interest in the creative industries. Their professional backgrounds are in audio production, education, and media, with Dave having founded, and Anthony working previously as an educator for Apple, Ableton, Australian Institute of Music and SAE. Anthony also produces the #1 music podcast series Other Side of The Tracks.

Dave Ross says:
"My personal experience in education has helped me understand that the way people learn can be very contrasting. ILKI's course aims to not only provide high-quality training in podcasting, but to offer participants the freedom to choose how they are taught, all while receiving a #1 Podcaster’s personal mentorship."

Dan McHugh says:
"I have worked in podcasting for many years, but realise that starting a podcast can seem daunting. Through ILKI-CAST, our participants will understand how easy it can be to get started. During the course, I will share techniques and tricks to demonstrate how to make a podcast sound professional - and structured in a way that will stand out.”

ILKI-CAST starts Saturday 26 October at Forbes Street Studios, Sydney, or online on Wednesday 6 November. The course fee is A$1270.00

For more info about ILKI and ILKI-CAST:
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